bone lattice is the quiet side project of performance artist SHAWNÉ MICHAELAIN HOLLOWAY and composer Anthony A. Dunn. After a decade of collaboration on paintings, illustrations, and theatrical soundtracks, they are dedicated to working together through sound and image to confront contradictions, intensities, violence, and darkness as they also navigate these themes in their own, very different, practices of the digital arts. Both artists are concerned with poetry and sound as material. Chicago’s Wish Fulfillment describes bone lattice as “Thrumming engine-room ambience suffused with foreboding, while refusing to even acknowledge the Halloween-store cliches of so much "dark ambient." Instead, [bone lattice] inhabits that same greyed-out zone where Jeff Greinke and others have played, juggling texture, harmony, suspense, and wonder with equal aplomb…”


TBA @ Portland Institute of Contemporary Art; Portland, Oregon
Soundtrack for DEWCLAW, Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU; Richmond, VA
Soundtrack for ._SUITABLE-FOR.[EXE]CUTION, Performance Space New York; NYC, NY
Gather: Bone Lattice // She & Them, Comfort Station; Chicago, IL

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